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Agility is a team sport between the two of us. No leash – just me & my dog.
Pam Karcher

Agility is a competition where a handler guides a dog around a course of jumps, weave poles, tunnels, and climbing obstacles such as a teeter or A-frame. Typically courses have between 14 and 20 obstacles depending on the level of difficulty. Both accuracy and speed count in the score. Agility is a test of communication between handler and dog as well as of a dog’s athletic ability. No leashes, food, or toys as incentives. The judge determines time allotted for running the course based on level and difficulty. Once the dog crosses the start line, time begins. As the team moves through the course, the judge calls out mistakes and faults which reduce the team’s score or can even result in a disqualification. Dogs that successfully complete the course within time receive a qualifying score towards titles and other awards.  KSSC members compete in both AKC and CPE agility trials.

My grandchildren live in CA, so my precious Shelties Emma and Nellie fill the void until the next visit or trip.  Emma is 11 now, and while she still loves to practice, her agility career was cut short early by problems with one ankle.  (Still, she is a sweetheart who brightens the Tuesdays of nursing home residents in Sellersburg as a therapy dog for the Red Cross.) Nellie and I compete in AKC Rally Obedience and do Agility in both CPE and AKC.  Nellie is accurate and compliant and a joy to work with.  I enjoy all aspects of Agility and Rally, including the mental challenge, the exercise, the travel, and the wonderful people I’ve gotten to know.
Dianne Zipp

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