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Companion Pets

The description of a companion includes: partner, friend, buddy, and many others.

Our Shelties fit this description and more!  We work, play, live with our dogs as part of our family.

KSSC members and their dogs are actively involved in conformation, obedience, agility, rally, scent work, pet therapy, and more; however, first and foremost they are our pets. They live with us and fill our homes and lives with joy, laughter, affection, some noise (they can be barkers after all), delight, entertainment and most of all they are an inexhaustible source of unconditional love.

Our Shelties have a sensitive nature and according to the American Shetland Sheepdog Association, Shelties:

…have an intense desire to please their owners and an enormous capacity for love and affection, although they can be a bit reserved or reticent with strangers. They are not recommended for people, or very young children, who would not appreciate their sensitive nature.

As a Sheltie matures, he often learns to respond in an almost human fashion and becomes a real member of the family. The Sheltie is exceptionally trainable and responsive, plus being an outstanding worker.

Now, don’t you just need to have one, too?

Shelties are one of the most loving and intelligent animals on earth… and that’s my dog, Mac. He’s the best companion pet a guy could have.

(That’s Bill’s boy on the top left in the glasses.)

Bill Sharp


We are owned by our pet companions Murphy and Melody.  They keep us hopping!!! We enjoy going to the doggie park, playing soccer and taking walks through our neighborhood. We also have done some visiting at a local nursing home which Murphy and Melody loved!  These fur babies are our loves and bring us so much happiness!!!!!”

Jane and Jim McCabe

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